About Us

About Real Estate Done 4 U
Michael has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years with interests in real estate and stock market investing as well as wealth building. His experience includes coaching and mentoring clients to develop strategies for them to accomplish their cash flow objectives. As CEO of Real Estate Done 4 U, Michael has helped hundreds of investors from all over the world reach their retirement goals by investing in rental real estate.


Why Invest with Real Estate Done 4 U?
Real Estate Done 4 U provides a Proven System for Success in Rental Property Investing! Most Investors know that Rental Real Estate is a great way to build passive income, but why do you need Real Estate Done 4 U? Of course you could try to reinvent the wheel on your own, but why would you want all those headaches, fears, worries and doubts? Why make your own mistakes, and loose out of profits, when you can learn from the mistakes of those who’ve already been through it? When you work with Real Estate Done 4 U, you can just sit back, relax, and watch the checks roll in!

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For more information on how to fund your retirement on rental income, check out Michael’s latest book, Retire on Rent, available on Amazon. You can also send Michael a message with the contact form below!