Our System

Our Production Schedule

As you likely have concluded the quality of our product and value proposition is significant. We use all of our own money to get a property into production. Therefore we need to manage our production schedule carefully. When an investor expresses interest, we will earmark either existing producing properties or properties currently in production for delivery. We handle all the details. Process is basically: Letter of Intent, Purchase Agreement, Close. Expect excellent clear communication throughout the entire process. Once in production, expect monthly reports on your asset under management. Also the closings are fairly simple and can be done oftentimes by a mobile closer – they come to your home / office to close.

Our Expectations of our Investors

We own plenty of the same exact properties. Our families are also using the same solution to pay for kid’s college and fund their retirement. Our brand positioning in the marketplace includes top-notch, well-maintained properties. Our families and our investors are happy because their investments performs. That means we’ll respond quickly to tenants and perform appropriate mundane (and proactive) maintenance ($20-$150) quickly. This is our core competency and what we do best.

Exit / Property Disposal

We will also work with the investor when their goals have been achieved, no longer want the monthly income, or many times a very profitable exit could be offered (tenant wishes to buy the property for example) for a more efficient deployment of capital.

10 House + Purchases

It has come to our attention that some investors may wish to buy in bulk or reserve the right to deploy larger sums of capital i.e. Life Insurance money instructed to buy 5 or 10 houses for living expenses instead of risking it in the stock market or can’t afford 4% in bank. Our production schedule is limited and we will always show preference to existing clients. Per client’s request we have several multi-unit packages available all with gross rents over 14%.

Please Contact Michael personally if this may fit your needs.

Production Schedule

Our business has grown as we are 110% honest with our investors, it is so much easier to just tell it like it is. Our average client begins with 2-4 properties. After which they experience it, find comfort, enjoy the consistent communication / rent deposits etc. They then ask for additional properties. In addition, our current production as you can imagine is limited. Our production schedule notes look something like the following:

Tim: Goal (5)
Delivered (2)
Using 3rd Quarter Bonus for Down-payment.

Kristen: Goal (5)
Delivered (2)
Mom & Dad want 1 per year

Michael: Goal (20)
Delivered (14)
Cash each 6 months

Grandma: Goal (3) Completed
Delivered (3)

Mike: Goal (7)
Delivered (4)
Now 1-2 per year

Mike’s Son Brad: Goal (1)
Delivered (1)
And it goes on…